Cartoon Phineas and Ferb ialah cerita benar !!!!

Assalamualaikum , haaii . 

Tadi masa scroll down news feed kat facebook terjumpa ni.

Mula mula tak percaya . Tapi bila google google jumpa nih . 

Pastu baca-baca betull ~ Oooo . Keh keh, nda payah tekan . Saya tolong copy ja  . 

Some of you may not know this but DID YOU KNOW that Phineas and Ferb is based on a real story? The story is not all about Phineas and Ferb but it is really for their older sister Candace. It is about a Schizophrenic Girl who always had an imagination of what her brothers are doing. She always try to let her mom know of her thoughts but her mom always wouldn't believe her because she had a mental disorder. Referring to the cartoons, you will notice that Candace always fail on making them busted by their mom resulting into their mom don't believing her the next time she has something to say about her brothers.The cartoons is made based on what is written on the Schizophrenic Girl's diary. Where all of what is written in the diary is just all about her imaginations on her brothers. It is really indeed a sad story behind a fun and entertaining cartoon show. :(

NOWW?? P'cayaaa? Byeee .... byeeee ... byeeeee salamm .. btw, selamat mengundi bagi yang dah 21++ :D keh keh keh.

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