Assalamualaikum, hiiiiii x

i just dont know what to update bc everything's normal, nothing really interesting. BUT



Assalamualaikum, hello peeps x

Happy holiday! so this year, ive learned, too many things. since ive been living this hostel-life, i learned to stand with my own feet, ive learned how to find friends; a good friend, who always makes you smile, being there for you when you're in need. who feel comfortable with you, kinda mean but that's just them. being theirselves, if they dont like, they tell, they hate, they tell, they like then they tell. friend is not who always walk together with you, or whatsoever, friend is when you're feel happy when you're with them. its not worth it if youre with her, but you dont even feel happy, or better, or you still dont feel comfortable with her to do something crazy. there's no a story with only-happy-no-sad-or-fight moment.

in my class, there's various of fangirl; one direction, 5 seconds of summer, big time rush, bangtan boys, exo, f(x), mario maurer, nick noonen, karmin, snsd, taylor swift, 30 seconds to mars, ect ect ect. seriously, eventho the teachers are labelling us with "r u d e" but still, we're gonna be different, when we meant it, we do it. my classmates. we may fight with each other, every, single, time. especially, the boys and girls. but in a serious time, when we begged, they still follow us. we still help us to do something, when it comes to part 'teacher-is-dissapointed-with-us' we will find a way to avoid it. i dont know, im so emotional but we may not see each other next year, i just wanna say, everyone's happy with everyone. byee

Salam Hari Raya EidulAdha!

Hi! Assalamualaikum. Eid mubarak to all of you! yeah, have a good one. i dont think it's too late.

so, the final exam is around the corner, pray for me ya! and i dont even understand a thing from kerja kursus sejarah and geo. /sigh oh how i wish i pass the exam. it was hard. yeah. i dont know how to do it. and yet the KHB exam which contains too many essay, ah! stressed! okay. maybe it's too early to feel 'stress' since we're only in form one, guess the form 3 students are stress-er lol. So, GOOD LUCK PT3 STUDENTS! WISH YOU ALL THE BEST xx

p/s im gonna kill someone who got this pt3 idea thingy


Assalamualaikum. it's 21st September.. my birthday, yay! i'm finally 13y/o.

So today im going back to the hostel so, bye~ gonna miss you my dear-not-so-cute blog. hahaha, but sure, ill be back in 2 weeks (maybe?) for the eid holiday. this night probably the busiest night ever (lol). coz i have tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much homeworks to do since i have done nothing during the holidays. k maybe thats all, bye~

The search for cinderella //wattpad

Assalamualaikum! hi!

Hello, it's like 3 days more to end this lovely holiday.

So during the holidays, i filled my "no-internet-connection" time with reading wattpad stories that ive put in my library so i can read it while offline. The author is, @Alexisgraceexo, tajuk dia, "The Search for Cinderella" (click.) it was like the bestest story ever i have ever read. ive read some fanfictions and teenfictions tapi semua boring, same plot, no climax, and boring, boring, boring. but i find this so interesting. masa baca pun, ada feeling (lol tbh sy jarang baca novel dgn feeling). tapi cerita ni belum perfectly completed, since the author busy with her exam and life, *sigh i cant even wait for the next chapter (there are 30 chapters). So, i just wanna suggest you this story lol.... and ! this story called Holywood Princess, it's fun too but i havent read it sampai habis la, hehehe. bye, assalamualaikum! p/s fill your holiday with reading! lol

Typical girls

Assalamualaikum. Hello hi.

I'm back. with a new header. finally, for ages, i changed it. it's 13 sept and.. hey! Happy birthday Niall xx

So back to the main topic, typical girls. I'm so over with girls around me (okay i know im a girl but i repeat, around me)

I dont understand why girl wants attention from boys, like, 'control-ayu'. here goes in my class, there's someone like "garang gila" but infront of the boys, em, bukan mau buka aib but, hey i dont even mention her name.
And there's somone who always sings with beralun-alun(?) to let the boys hear.
and there's a girl who act like she's stupid while she's not. be proud girl, if you know the answer, how to do it, u dont need to shout like "Ah susah gila soalan ni" and the whole class stares at you. huh.
Annd, someone who act like a, very, very, good, girl infrontof the teachers, i dont know why the teacher cant see the actual-her. euw. kbye

Hiatus Stopped

Assalamualaikum w.b.t! How's life? I'm back! yay!

IT'S 2WEEKS(and 6 days) HOLIDAY YO!
what should i do during the holiday............. im planning to sleep all the day and online and eat and pray and sleep and whatsoever that related to myself la hahahaaha so yeah what we do in the school just now was... We celebrated the teacher's day celebration with Cikgu Aini (kelas sebelah jangan jeles yer ehem ehem).
Isma's mom baked us an OREO CHEESE CHOCOLATE KITKAT lol i dont even know the name so i just randomly call that cake as oreocheesechodjkfjk.

o yeah, we also opened our presents(?) that we won for the choral speaking and iMovie contest. yay!!!! give a big hand for us, hahaha, there were actually 3 catagories, Choral Speaking/Drama, Public Speaking and iMovie, the choral speaking we won at 2nd place and the Public speaking, we won at the 3rd place and........ the iMovie contest............ WE WON AT THE 1ST PLACE! ehem ehem, by the way, im the camerawoman and editor (coughcoughcough), so i got some extras present lah! hahaha.

oh annd, we also got our mid year examination results, and.. i dont know, im not that satisfied with my result, but yeah it's good enough i guess, hahaha bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye byee asslamualaikum.

eh eh wait i think i want to change my header coz im not that em em em em em eme eme eme eme em eme eme eme eme eme em i feel uncomfortable with my header with boys' picture (opocot mulutttttttttttt)


Assalamualaikum, and goooooooood afternoon you ols.
so here i am, im back! yup yup yup andddddddd im here to talk about exam. AGAIN.

k sekarang kami balik bermalam then.................................... buka sekolah terus EXAM! yg best nya sekali academic exam berserta dengan Azhari. Aaaaah, i hope i can answer all the questions given! i hope it's not that hard bcs im not a "penghafal" yg baik hahahahahahaahahaha.

So, last week we have our sukaneka! its sooooo fun walaupun bikin penat gila, hahahahaaaaaaahahhaaaaaaahhhaaaaahhahahahahaa.

and our school just got some new teachers. my fav is cikgu Stephany Ain Qistina! she's so cute and pretty and kind annnnnnnnnnnnnndmssd kjsdhfkhfkajfhk.. hahahaha, since we got our new teachers, our teacher classroom, cikgu nazrul wont teach us Sejarah, thats mean, our teacherclassroom pun kena tukar lah, jadi.... cikgu Aini! but they both still berkerjasama for our class.

gila broken ni english hahaahahahahahahha ok la

jummat haritu kami sambut farewell party for our friend, Al Qushairi yang akan pindah p selangor. so our class planned with cikgu Aini to make a surprise party for him, it was soooooooooo fun and so dramatic. Plan kami bejalan dengan sgt sgt sgt lancar. hhaahaaahahaaa malas lah mau cerita ok bye bye wabilahitaufiqwalhidayahwassalamuaalikumwarohmatullahiwabarokaatu. -bow-


Hello and Assalamualaikum peeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppsssssssssssssssssssssssss.

I didn't update my blog for a very, very, very, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. I'm still alive ok thats why this time i 'rajinkan' diri untuk meng update blog.

What's new? nothing.

So i've sitted my Azhari Exam 1. Fyi, Azhari subjects are like Nahu Sorf, Quran Tajwid, Mutalaah Insya', Tarikh Islam, Tafsir Hadith, ect. Soooooooooooooo the exams were so easy! (said no one ever) it's hard. but i wonder how my friends could got mumtaz easily lol. But i haven't get all of my papers yet. I haven't get the Nahu Sorf one yet. I'm hoping to get atleast 1 mumtaz but yeah i know i cant hihihihihihihihihihihi. well at least i want 70+ laaaaaah. But i'm not that 'depressed' if i dont get mumtaz because im a newcomer sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (if u know what i mean) :b

Lol my tittle is 'holiday' but i dont even write something about it. let me ceritakan sikit la pasal sya punya holiday.
Ticket tada pegi kampung pun tada hahahahhahhahahahahaha insyaAllah kalau sempat p kampung kalau x sempat tidak la........

bye, assalamualaikum, #prayforMH370 muehe.

kisah tahun baru

Assalamualaikum, hye guys.
yay no time no update yaaa bcs i dont have any story ba hehehehehe. malas terlampau ni mau update apa apa pun, happy new year! sorry sy sesat, sini baru new year hahahaha 22/January baru mau wish. nda pa ba, masi bulan 1, masih boleh lagi ni wish. haha

Ok, sekarang sy sekolah dekat... smkt** (nama harus d rahsia kan konon.) lol... sekolah harian ok. punya malas sekolah dekat sekolah harian! pelajar dia sosial terlampau. nda biasa dgn pelajar d sana. guru dia ok juga. mcm biasala ba kann, lumrah sekolah menengah, gete gete semua ups terlebih suda gahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahhahaha. sy masuk kelas 1Delta. tepisah dgn kawan, cuma satu kelas dengan kawan sksb (ex satu kelas darjah 6) si  Huda, Khalidah, yani (bukan clssmate sebenarnya lol) khairul, fadhli, uwais. k yg lain tu bkn classmate la. sebenarnya ni kelas paling lemah, hahaha. belum tentukan kelas lagi. tapi classmate dia bagus bagus semua (yalatu) cuma kalau masa rehat mmg tidak aman la tu kelas, banyak betul org bekumpul di sana. lol

Tapi masa ambil duit RM100 tu, cikgu cakap "siapa yang sudah ditawarkan masuk ke sekolah lain anda boleh balik, tidak pyh ambil duit tu" lebih kurang gitula. hehe. tapi masa umi sy datang mau ambil duit terus dia cakap "ca, dapat sudah panggilan" fikirkan main main. terus balik rumah Abi pigi kasi tunjuk tu number yang call tul2 rupanya. ahahahha Alhamdulillah la, hahahaha, dapat smawipl, insyaAllah. tapi belum keluar sekolah harian tu lagi. xD nanti barulah. ok lah bye bye semuaaaa. jum layan lagu ni hahahaaha