Me and my freind ;) -Pico World

Salam ,.
Hellow Melloe. !
Kay , I know that I RARELY open , check this blog upss

#Grammar hancur berabis ! ( oh yeah .. kawan sia yang english mau tinguk xD kalau sia ckp bahasa malaysia nanti dia x paham kant ?? english jea la xD . 

okok ..

I just met NEW friend !
Uh oh ,, of course on Ameba Pico .. Not REAL LIFE KAY ,,

OKay , Her Pico Id Ish :♡sωтєρнαιηє♥

Uh oh ..

She is so friendly person >:D

So here's our pic \/

Sorry , because wrong spelling there xD
It is *BODY not BOY XD
#okay ♡sωтєρнαιηє♥  , I hope you enjoy reading this entry . and Here her Blog ..

Kayy !! BUBYE !!!

#wopps wopps .. Surry Bad GRAMMAR :O

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