Assalamualaikum. it's 21st September.. my birthday, yay! i'm finally 13y/o.

So today im going back to the hostel so, bye~ gonna miss you my dear-not-so-cute blog. hahaha, but sure, ill be back in 2 weeks (maybe?) for the eid holiday. this night probably the busiest night ever (lol). coz i have tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much homeworks to do since i have done nothing during the holidays. k maybe thats all, bye~

The search for cinderella //wattpad

Assalamualaikum! hi!

Hello, it's like 3 days more to end this lovely holiday.

So during the holidays, i filled my "no-internet-connection" time with reading wattpad stories that ive put in my library so i can read it while offline. The author is, @Alexisgraceexo, tajuk dia, "The Search for Cinderella" (click.) it was like the bestest story ever i have ever read. ive read some fanfictions and teenfictions tapi semua boring, same plot, no climax, and boring, boring, boring. but i find this so interesting. masa baca pun, ada feeling (lol tbh sy jarang baca novel dgn feeling). tapi cerita ni belum perfectly completed, since the author busy with her exam and life, *sigh i cant even wait for the next chapter (there are 30 chapters). So, i just wanna suggest you this story lol.... and ! this story called Holywood Princess, it's fun too but i havent read it sampai habis la, hehehe. bye, assalamualaikum! p/s fill your holiday with reading! lol

Typical girls

Assalamualaikum. Hello hi.

I'm back. with a new header. finally, for ages, i changed it. it's 13 sept and.. hey! Happy birthday Niall xx

So back to the main topic, typical girls. I'm so over with girls around me (okay i know im a girl but i repeat, around me)

I dont understand why girl wants attention from boys, like, 'control-ayu'. here goes in my class, there's someone like "garang gila" but infront of the boys, em, bukan mau buka aib but, hey i dont even mention her name.
And there's somone who always sings with beralun-alun(?) to let the boys hear.
and there's a girl who act like she's stupid while she's not. be proud girl, if you know the answer, how to do it, u dont need to shout like "Ah susah gila soalan ni" and the whole class stares at you. huh.
Annd, someone who act like a, very, very, good, girl infrontof the teachers, i dont know why the teacher cant see the actual-her. euw. kbye