Hiatus Stopped

Assalamualaikum w.b.t! How's life? I'm back! yay!

IT'S 2WEEKS(and 6 days) HOLIDAY YO!
what should i do during the holiday............. im planning to sleep all the day and online and eat and pray and sleep and whatsoever that related to myself la hahahaaha so yeah what we do in the school just now was... We celebrated the teacher's day celebration with Cikgu Aini (kelas sebelah jangan jeles yer ehem ehem).
Isma's mom baked us an OREO CHEESE CHOCOLATE KITKAT lol i dont even know the name so i just randomly call that cake as oreocheesechodjkfjk.

o yeah, we also opened our presents(?) that we won for the choral speaking and iMovie contest. yay!!!! give a big hand for us, hahaha, there were actually 3 catagories, Choral Speaking/Drama, Public Speaking and iMovie, the choral speaking we won at 2nd place and the Public speaking, we won at the 3rd place and........ the iMovie contest............ WE WON AT THE 1ST PLACE! ehem ehem, by the way, im the camerawoman and editor (coughcoughcough), so i got some extras present lah! hahaha.

oh annd, we also got our mid year examination results, and.. i dont know, im not that satisfied with my result, but yeah it's good enough i guess, hahaha bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye byee asslamualaikum.

eh eh wait i think i want to change my header coz im not that em em em em em eme eme eme eme em eme eme eme eme eme em i feel uncomfortable with my header with boys' picture (opocot mulutttttttttttt)