Niall and Barbara?


Whattttttttt??/ what???? Narbara? more like a bra. -.- im so saaaaaaaddddd now 5/5 taken. what what what what what i hate thissss soooo muchhhhh. There's a rumor said "Niall is dating Barbara" but Niall said they're just really good friends. yeah, really good friends. but why did you hold her hand? why did you go golfing together with her?...... you once said " i wont date a model. model is perfect. perfect is boring" yeah, i agree with u, perfect is boring. but he's dating with model. M O D E L. i hope it's not true. :( you're my fav Niall. please....................... its fine if youre dating with demi but, barbara.. i cant accept this. yup, she's pretty but i dont know why i dont like it. Niall followed Barbara on instagram. lol yeah.. and his family too!

my reaction: 


this is niall and barbara pic. tell me if im wrong.  
They watched a movie together. okay im done. im sooooo done. and barbara tweeted this and deleted it.

and the worse thing is, BARBARA LIKES HIM AFTER HE WORE THE BRACES. (rip english. i dont know what you call that ha. ) everyone loves him how the way he is! 

this is Niall with his crooked teeth. (before) fetus..........

this is Niall with his braces

This is Niall after he took off his braces. and this is Niall who barbara likes. look like she only likes a hot guy uhum.. hahahaha. jk. 

kbye. pardon my english. still learning, (: xx

Sesat pula. :p

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