Hello. Assalamualaikum. long time no updating yeah? miss me? xx
ofcourse not. lol such a feeler lol xD

okay okay is it too late to wish you guys Happy December? haha. i guess not. So, now everything is new. New life, new school, new month, new year, new me, new friends, new teachers andddd... NEW BLOG too! ha it's not new but yeah i changed the bg and the follow and dashboard button and the header. lol actually i want to change my whole blog to BLACK. and start posting about One Direction. but I still love pink. Pink pink pink. pink is cute actually. ahah xD why didn't I update? because im busy voting for One Direction. lol xD if you're following me on twitter you'll know what is it.. *ambil kesempatan kejap* this is the last day to vote for People's Choice Award! so mind you guys helping me to vote for One Direction? ;) it will end today. ( 11.59 P.M UK time) you can help me by tweeting like this.

Best Song Ever #musicvideo
Directioners #musicfans
One Direction #band #PeoplesChoice
#mtvstars One Direction 

oh btw, today is not a really good day for me because someone pissed me off. yeah if i pissed off, i will listen to the musics and set the volume up to 100% lol. i dont want to hear ppl's talking bla bla bla bla. i have so much fun here, kampung lol. bye :)

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